Solvali and Olysio: New Trial Treatment Drugs

Living With Hepatitis C


I am on treatment again, i have just a bit more than four weeks to go. Its a 12 week treatment program. About half way thru, it hit me hard. I started out strong, determined, ready to take on anything. I had just survived a major bleed out. I developed bleeding varices in my throat. This happens to us as the disease progresses. Most likely they had been bleeding slowly for awhile. I had refused an Endoscopy so it could be determined whether I had them or not. I had refused to go back onto treatment. My near death experience changed all of that, I could suddenly see it was my only shot in the dark. I survived the bleed out, it was the most humbling experience of my life as I was alone and extremely ill with what looked like the most horrific case of mouth Thrush anyone could…

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