Kawela Bay north shore of oahu

Play at Turtle Bay

I am in love with this island. This is Turtle Bay where I play on the shore climbing the trees and throwing my Lasso. Centrifugal Force is a healing force. I throw the rope for two to four hours about twice a week. Dragonflies try to enter the center of the force inside of the rope but they never come close enough to be hit by the rope, they are drawn to the feeling created by the force radiated out from it and I am held in the force of inside as well as outside of it. The Hapu Turtles come onto shore at times when I am throwing it. They often pop their heads out of the ocean to watch and I laugh out loud with joy. I almost cry when they come onto shore where I am throwing. I stare out at the surf, the Stand Up Paddle Board surfers, the locals who fish the reef there, the tourist from the resort down the road who ride horses through the woods. I climb and hang from the trees on the shore and soon I will surely make my way into climbing the Banyon Trees in the forest there at the shore which I walk past to make my way to the beach. Its so very oh oh la la Aloha…I feel as if all the gods are shinning on me at the most important time in my life, I suffer from End Stage Liver Disease so I am not much longer for this planet and headed for the Galaxy of who knows what and where and I find its all good…written spring 2010